About ANRA

The Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA) represents the country’s leading retailers. Combined, ANRA members employ over 450,000 people and account for around $100 billion in annual retail turnover.

Members of ANRA include Australia’s most trusted household names in supermarket chains, department stores and specialty retailers.

ANRA seeks to ensure that governments and the community, understand the huge contribution retailing makes to the national economy. ANRA advocates a forward-looking policy agenda to help retailers meet their customers’ needs. [more]


Cutting through the red tape

Australian retailers face costly and inconsistent local, state and federal regulations. The Productivity Commission estimates that reform of consumer protection regulation could save the community up to $4.5 billion. [more]

Creating a modern retail award

About 1.2 million Australians work in the retail sector, making it Australia’s single largest employer. The sector needs flexible workplace arrangements which reflect the 24/7 nature of retailing. In 2008, the AIRC released 'modern' awards that will increase penalty rates and casual loadings, placing retail jobs under pressure. [more]

Pursuing fairer trading

A host of trading hour restrictions exist in Australia which prevent retailers from meeting their customers’ needs. These restrictions discriminate between retailers and in some cases force customers to pay more. [more]

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